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What I think about Financial Markets

As an investor in the regular market, I act very conservatively with 80%** of my market capital and try to achieve moderate returns between 6.5% and 9%. I use the remaining 20% of the market investment volume for IPOs, participation in any politically or socio-economically relevant events or as a day trader on the currency market.

My behaviour on the financial market is based on a very analytical approach and primarily includes fundamental analysis, the top-down or the bottom-up approach.

Track Record 2016-2017: 19.8% p.a.**
Track Record 2017-2018: 22.3% p.a.**

Best Stocks between 2017 and 2018:
– E.ON-Stock (WKN: ENAG99 / ISIN: DE000ENAG999)
– RWE-Stock (WKN: 703712 / ISIN: DE0007037129)
– Commerzbank-Stock (WKN: CBK100 / ISIN: DE000CBK1001)

No information provided is intended as an investment recommendation. The author cannot accept any liability for the conduct of individuals in the financial market and is not responsible for any interpretation of an investment recommendation with regard to the information provided here.

I’m acting as an angel investor

After positive results as an investor in the classical financial market, I also pursue the approach of providing founders, especially in the initial to early phase of their company, both with appropriate financial resources and with the necessary contacts. The participation in the respective company takes place after extensive due diligence.
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