I’ve never really fit in…

I believe that there are essentially only two ways to actually become an entrepreneur: Either you are driven by the almost endless motivation to improve the world or you are faced with the question of what to do if you don’t fit in anywhere… I belong to the second category, no doubt, although there is certainly something of the first phenomenon included.

…but I don’t regret that lack of adaptiveness!

The famous saying “Be like water!” shaped me like hardly anything else, but not as most people would expect. I admire people who find their way around and/or feel comfortable in a clearly structured corporate environment. I do not belong to this privileged group, but to be honest I am anything but sad about it. I have always tried to achieve a single goal: Live up to your own standards and principles!

The Bavarian Business Show

The Secret Art of Dieting



BILLIONAIRE MEDIA UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Becoming a billionaire, but
not because of the money…

Many children suffer from a below-average home and have to surrender to this fate for a lifetime. I would like to put an end to this suffering, while respecting the limited resources available to me too. I want to create a global institution in which children worldwide are free to participate and educate themselves – free of charge, of course. This includes the construction of an appropriate infrastructure as well as the commitment of many individuals with the necessary know-how.

…money is just a means of purpose!

Originally I did not come from a very wealthy family, which is why an unchangeable goal has been defined in me: becoming a billionaire. The resulting possibilities should ultimately serve those who may be subject to a more restricted environment and network. I want to influence the generations to come – intellectually and financially, because everyone should have the freedom to fully develop personally, professionally and socially.

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