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Who am I?

My name ist Matthias Eser, I’m 21 years old and passionate about finance and investing. As the son of a forester, I was born with the principle of sustainability. My life was subconsciously subjected to that paradigm that benefits me today. Both my work ethic and the cultivation of my private and business relationships are subject to a common approach: quality.

Currently I’m working as the personal assistant of Chris Miess, who’s the CEO of ICONIC Capital, a former Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs and IVY-League (YALE) graduate.

My areas of expertise are the following:
– Financial Analysis
– Investment Management
– Technical FOREX-Analysis

Whom I work/ed for


I’m looking forward hearing from you: E-Mail, WhatsApp, Phone Call – I’ll be ready!


Phone / WhatsApp: 0049 152 28827885

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